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What is a bond?

A bond is a security that obliges the issuer to pay to its holder the amount of money stated in the document, including the relevant interest, at the indicated date. Unlike a stock, this type of security provides a predetermined financial yield.

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Particulars of the bond

Emission: 1,000,000€

Form: Public under-limit

Minimum value: 2,000€

Maturity: 3,5 years (15.2.2022)

Payment deadline: Quarterly

Interest: 14 % p. a.

Our vision

The aim is to open up the possibility of financial appreciation in the cryptocurrency area to people who do not have a large capital, but still want to be part of it. We are working on related projects such as an exchange office, ATM network and many others to help people work with cryptocurrencies.

We want to show people that virtual currencies are not illegal and can be dealt with under Czech law regulations. That is why we co-founded Crypto Účetnictví s. r. o. (i.e. Crypto Accounting Ltd.) to make the accounting of cryptocurrencies more familiar to every user in the country.

Who are we?

Future Mining s.r.o. was founded in May 2017. Two entrepreneurs from Brno, Ondřej Bartoš and Martin Podoba, are responsible for its establishment. Both of them have experience in the financial, real estate and investment markets.

Their primary intention was to bring cryptocurrency mining closer to ordinary people. Today, the company has one of the strongest positions on the market and is gradually expanding its activities by creating a broader crypto infrastructure and continuously exploring foreign markets.

What we do

We are building an IT background:
Servers, super computers - in summary, halls full of humming fans and flashing lights through which the most demanding computing information runs. We can now send large data over the Internet or, for example, to pay "virtually".

We rent fully-serviced premises:
Building space for supercomputers is financially, technically and also timely consuming. Therefore, instead of creating your own, people and companies rent it from us.

We hire the most capable IT professionals:
Within our company Set.IT (Nastav.IT) we help computers to work efficiently for you and your company. We are constantly expanding our team through university students, led by our experienced IT engineers.

5 reasons to invest with us

Investment in a Czech company

Your investment is subjected to Czech legislation and law. Invest in an established business with verifiable results.


Professionals in our area of business

We are specialists in supercomputer management and professional players in the cryptocurrency market.


Quarterly payouts of the revenue

Bond yields are paid regularly at quarterly intervals with a refund of the principal on the maturity date of the bond.


High fixed interest rate of 14 % p.a.

In comparison to savings accounts and deposit yields, currently available on the Czech market, bonds represent attractive returns. We offer fixed interest of 14 % p. a.*


Investment starting from 2.000€

You don't have to invest millions like with most large mutual funds. Our product is designed to be accessible to everyone.* We deduct 15% withholding tax. The payouts are therefore already taxed (i.e. netto).


Calculate your bond yield:

Overall appreciation
Quarterly income
Total profit + investment


01. Why do we issue bonds?

As a specialized technology firm we are continuously developing further within our area. We are expanding in terms of space and personnel, as well as we are expanding our facilities to meet a greater demand for our services. Money from securities will allow us to grow faster and possibly even expand abroad.

02. What will we use the money for?

We need a lot of specialized hardware and equipment for our activities, such as: custom made switchboards, transformer stations, cabling and many others. The money will be used primarily in the infrastructure that will enable us to do our business on a larger scale and satisfy more of our clients. We will also acquire supercomputers and premises, for instance in the form of a data center used for the authorization of electronic payments.

03. What are emission conditions?

This is a set of conditions upon which bonds are issued. They define the rights and obligations of the issuer and the bond owner. They further specify the form and content of the security issued.

04. Who pays the tax on the bond?

We pay the 15% withholding tax. The payouts are therefore already taxed (i.e. netto).

05. Bond payment

On the maturity date of the bond, the investor receives on his, or her bank account the yield for the past period and also the entire invested amount (i.e. the principal).

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